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  • Sultans glaoui and C°

    René Janon

    Envoi manuscrit de l'auteur en 1re page. 1er plat légèrement taché. (Très rare) Une enquête sur le drame marocain de 1953.

    75,00 MAD
  • Positive Thinking Positive Living

    David Fong
    It's easy to tell people to think positive when they don't feel positive - but this book helps to explain where our self-doubt and negative thoughts arise from. Positive thinking, Positive Living explains how you can use negative experiences, and rather than let them get on top of you, shows you how to use them, grow and use them to your benefit. There are no rash claims or miracle cures, but sensible, practical and achievable ways to improve the way you think about yourself and your life.
    85,00 MAD
  • The Story of English

    Joseph Piercy
    Follow the extraordinary journey of the most widely spoken language in the world, discover its many influences and learn about how it has evolved. From the Anglo-Saxons in the fifth century to the Normans in the eleventh, and on to present-day America, many diverse elements and languages have shaped modern-day English.
    85,00 MAD
  • Red Flags

    We all need emotional blinders: the etiquette that keeps society smoothly moving depends on it. But when you absolutely must rely on another person, you have to be able to assess them objectively. Red Flags shares simple strategies anyone can use to spot deceptive, or dangerous people, who use ingratiation and social convention to draw in and lull victims. Readers will learn how even the most sceptical of us use rose coloured lenses on those around us, in three sections: Blinded by Desire - from the alluring lenses of attraction and positive attention to the blindness of marital "bliss" and the distorted lens of delusion. Overlooking Red Flags in a Professional Setting - how reassuring proximity and the false security of credibility and similarity can lead to costly mistakes. Be Afraid of What You Can't See - the ultimate cost of wearing emotional blinders around the truly disturbed criminal, from sexual predation to domestic abuse, stalking and cyberstalking. Readers will learn how to: Avoid selective attention, Observe people over time (bad guys rely on first impressions), Ask questions: most people's favourite topic is themselves, Cyber sleuth to verify information and track down inconsistencies. You need this book if you: Want to know if a potential boyfriend is trustworthy, Are interviewing or hiring new employees, Are selecting anyone to take care of your children, Are lending money or property or Have partners in business.
    375,00 MAD
  • The Organized Mind

    daniel levitin
    Author and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin tackles the problems of twenty-first century information overload in his New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling book The Organized Mind.
    234,00 MAD

    John Gray
    This repackaged, retitled version of WHAT YOUR MOTHER COULDN'T TELL YOU AND YOUR FATHER DIDN'T KNOW brings the book firmly into line with John Gary's existing Mars and Venus classics, and has proved immensley successful in the states. This enticing book by America's phenomenally successful relationships guru explains how we can all have exciting, happy and everlasting relationships. In it he reveals: *what women need most and what men want *masculine skills for listening without getting upset *feminine skills for talking so a man will listen *seven secrets of lasting passion *dance steps for lasting intimacy Brimming with humour, exercises and profound common sense, this book will help to get men and women talking, loving and communicating and will keep loving couples 'together forever'.
    111,00 MAD
  • What the Dog Saw

    Malcolm Gladwell
    Malcolm Gladwell is the master of playful yet profound insight. His ability to see underneath the surface of the seemingly mundane taps into a fundamental human impulse: curiosity. From criminology to ketchup, job interviews to dog training, Malcolm Gladwell takes everyday subjects and shows us surprising new ways of looking at them, and the world around us. Are smart people overrated? What can pit bulls teach us about crime? Why are problems like homelessness easier to solve than to manage? How do we hire when we can't tell who's right for the job? Gladwell explores the minor geniuses, the underdogs and the overlooked, and reveals how everyone and everything contains an intriguing story. What the Dog Saw is Gladwell at his very best - asking questions and seeking answers in his inimitable style.
    90,00 MAD
  • Dead White Men and Other Important People

    Ralph Fever
    This is a textbook with a twist. Written as a novel, it follows the story of Mila, a new student who is making it her mission to find out what makes sociology so important. Grappling with the subject's big ideas, Mila tests out sociological themes, debates and theories through conversations with new university friends and family back at home. As she begins to understand how sociology can be applied to everyday experiences, she starts to look at the world around her in a new light. This book gives brilliantly clear explanations of the most important aspects of sociology. It is the perfect introduction to sociological thinking for students of all abilities.
    270,00 MAD

8 article(s)