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  • The European Union

    Alasdair Blair
    The world's greatest importer and exporter, the European Union is an economic heavyweight with a GDP even larger than the US. But how much do we really know about the nature and aims of the EU, the benefits and costs membership brings, and its impact on peoples' everyday lives? And, in an increasingly multipolar world, can it ever emerge as a global superpower, or do widespread concerns about national sovereignty and serious questions about the Euro's stability mean that it is destined for an uncertain future? Featuring the most up-to-date assessment of the EU, its inner workings, external relations, and likely future development, this is the perfect introduction for anyone seeking to better understand European integration and what it means for Europeans as well as the rest of the world.
    89,00 MAD
  • Marketing Your Service Business

    Ian Ruskin-Brown

    A practical, intensive grounding in the special techniques for marketing your services. Designed for the manager of a company that is either in the service sector (eg. tourism, design, financial services, medical healthcare) or that uses services (eg. training) to gain a competitive advantage. A special exercise completes each chapter and the book ends with a sample workbook for use in training staff in customer service

    69,00 MAD
  • Pocket Dictionary of Finance -QFINANCE


    QFINANCE: The Pocket Dictionary of Finance is designed for the on-the-move finance professional & students who needs quick concise definitions fast. With over 5,000 finance terms packed into 224 pages this is a comprehensive and essential finance reference, enabling you to be well versed in the latest finance terminology.

    65,00 MAD
  • Precision Marketing


    Precision Marketing offers incisive commentary and thought leadership on the power of targeted marketing, and the impressive returns associated with engaging with customers as individuals.

    79,00 MAD
  • The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance

    Colin Barrow

    The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance provides a complete 'course' in business finance, covering 13 key topics which fall under three main headings - the Fundamentals of Business Finance, Corporate Capital Structures and Financial Strategies and Special Topics. Learn what they teach you at the world's top accountancy firms and Business Schools and why it matters to you. With guidance on understanding financial reports, assessing the credit worthiness of business partners, determining profitable strategies, raising finance and ensuring proper records, this book contains everything you need to eliminate gaps in your financial knowledge, think like a financial strategist, move out of your disciplinary straight jacket and become a top manager.

    99,00 MAD
  • Negotiation Skills for Rookies

    Patrick Forsyth

    Whether you know it or not, negotiations are constantly taking place, and thus form a critical part of work life. This text sets out the essentials about the negotiation process. It examines the core techniques and practical, proven approaches that provide a basis for undertaking negotiation.

    55,00 MAD
  • Leadership in Easy Steps

    Jon Poole

    Understanding and working slavishly to set leadership models can mean missing some of the fundamental elements that will make you an effective leader - being true to yourself and others whilst at the same time maximizing your own strengths and personality characteristics. Leadership in easy steps provides a pragmatic and practical look at the key elements that will help you to become a truly effective leader of people.

    69,00 MAD
  • Serious Money How to Make it and Enjoy it

    Barrie Pearson

    This book has the power to guide, to motivate and to inspire you to become seriously richer and happier, regardless of whether you are in dire financial straights or already wealthy. It has been written to channel your imagination and to galvanize you into action so that inevitably you will be seriously richer and happier.

    75,00 MAD
  • Zilch How to Get More for Less in Business

    Nancy Lublin

    Ideal for not-for-profit organisations but just as useful for start-ups and any business today looking to get more bang for their pound/euro/buck, Zilch features plenty of real-life stories and strategies for success. As well as offering advice on how to get the best from your staff, the author also explains how to: Work your brand harder, Do more for your customers/supporters and Stretch your finances but not your service. Each chapter concludes with 11 questions to inspire you and get you on the road to positive change. '...inspiring and practical, this book is a must-read for anyone running a business. Including me.' Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post

    56,00 MAD
  • Le Commerce associé

    Le Commerce associé
    282,00 MAD
  • Management Ideas You Really Need to Know

    Edward Russell Walling
    20 Management Ideas You Really Need to Know demystifies the management concepts that any budding entrepreneur would want to grasp. The 20 bite-sized topics expound the wisdom of well-known business gurus from Peters and Porter to Welch and Gates, explain helpful theories and tools such as Ansoff's Product/Market grid and the Boston Matrix, expand on management ideas like branding, outsourcing, supply and demand, and cover the latest commercial concepts from the online world.
    50,00 MAD
  • Business result Intermediate Student's Book SB+CD

    Business Result helps those who need to communicate better in English at work, by teaching a range of business communication skills. Business Result DVD edition, features video clips for every unit, including documentary clips, authentic interviews and dramatized scenarios showcasing business communication skills. The Interactive Workbook on the DVD-ROM will also be available online for teachers who want to offer a blended or distance learning course, and be able to communicate and collaborate with students outside of class. Tips and advice from the Cranfield School of Management introduces an authoritative business perspective, and applies professional theory to real situations.
    347,00 MAD
  • Low-budget Marketing for Rookies

    Karen Mccready

    The simple reality of modern business is that marketing is part of virtually every activity undertaken by your company, so it's not something you can ignore, whether you are a manager or an entrepreneur. However, many people assume that good marketing involves infectious TV campaigns, innovative direct marketing and celebrity endorsements that require enormous marketing budgets. Marketing is important, but it does not always require you to have huge resources to avoid typical mistakes and get the basics right. With clarity and an orientation towards practical application, this book shows you how to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing resources, no matter how small they may be. Getting the basics of marketing right is what this book is about. If you do that, even the lowest marketing spend will result in an improved bottom line.

    55,00 MAD
  • How to Speak Money

    John Lanchester
    Money is our global language. Yet so few of us can speak it. The language of the economic elite can be complex, jargon-filled and completely baffling. Above all, the language of money is the language of power - power in the hands of the same economic elite. Now John Lanchester, bestselling author of Capital and Whoops! sets out to decode the world of finance for all of us, explaining everything from high-frequency trading and the World Bank to the difference between bullshit and nonsense. As funny as it is devastating, How To Speak Money is a primer and a polemic. It's a reference book you'll find yourself reading in one sitting. And it gives you everything you need to demystify the world of high finance - the world that dominates how we all live now.
    135,00 MAD
  • The 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today!

    Paul Mckenna
    The 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today!
    180,00 MAD
  • Complete Guide to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

    Joël Levitt
    This book shares the best practices, mistakes, victories, and essential steps for success which the author has gleaned from working with countless organizations. Unlike other books that only focus on the engineering issues (task lists) or management issues (CMMS), this in-depth resource is the first to give true emphasize to the four aspects of success in preventive maintenance systems - engineering, management, economic, and psychological - thereby enabling readers to have a balanced view and understanding of what is happening in their organizations. Additionally, it blends concrete actionable steps and structures with the theory behind the steps. It includes check sheets, history of PM, stories, photographs, and case histories. It contains a glossary of terms. It provides sample task lists for a variety of equipment with some of the logic behind each task. It offers templates for developing your own tasking. It includes protocols for detailed economic analysis with examples.
    1 300,00 MAD
  • Expertise management and monitoring -The methodology guide

    Innovating, anticipating, enhancing, and protecting essential knowledge, so many themes to explore in setting up expertise management, a new approach to knowledge management. Using a master guide, any company preserves a record of its complete range of in-house expertise, distinguishing factors for maintaining a competitive edge. How to identify essential knowledge ? How to mobilize experts and make them cooperate in networks ? What are .the phases for organizing the capitalization of knowledge ? The focus of this book is helping companies achieve an expertise management approach based on feedback from Veolia Water Technical Direction. A genuine methodological guide, this book is intended to help managers, knowledge managers and monitoring staff conduct a knowledge capitalization project from A to Z.
    421,00 MAD
  • Management Stripped Bare

    Jo Owen
    Management Stripped Bare from best-selling author Jo Owen is an essential everyday tool for managers based on 20 years of working at the sharp end. Irreverent and incisive, it provides realistic advice on over 150 everyday management challenges such as bad meetings, boring presentations, difficult bosses, political intrigue, unreasonable goals and inadequate resources. Short on theory and long on experience, Management Stripped Bare cuts through the usual hype and rhetoric to help you make sense of business and ensure your corporate survival.
    65,00 MAD
  • The Pocket Dictionary of Business -QFINANCE

    QFINANCE: The Pocket Dictionary of Business is designed for the business professional & students who needs quick concise definitions fast. With over 5,000 business terms packed into 224 pages this is an essential and comprehensive business reference, enabling you to be kept up-to-date with the latest business terminology. Main topics covered include: Accounting, Acquisitions, E-Commerce, Economics, Finance, Fraud, General Management, HR, Insurance, International Trade, Legal, Marketing, Mergers, Operations, Pensions, Personnel, Production, Real Estate, Risk, Statistics, Stockholding, Taxation and Treasury Management.
    65,00 MAD
  • Shape Up Your Business

    Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker, authors of the no.1 Sunday Timesbestseller Build a Business from Your Kitchen Table, are back with Shape Up Your Business, a book of insight and tried-and-tested lessons to help you and your business fly.
    65,00 MAD
  • Time and Stress Management for Rookies

    Whoever you are, whatever you do, you have things you want to achieve. To get things done it helps to be organised. This text provides readers with practical ideas and easy-to-follow methods that can be put into practice immediately.
    80,00 MAD
  • Succeed For Yourself

    Richard Denny
    In Succeed for Yourself, Richard Denny shows how you can transform your individual dream of success into reality. Crammed with common-sense advice and inspiring ideas, Succeed for Yourself will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you seize your self-belief, set goals and achieve them, overcome setbacks and rejection, become highly motivated and find happiness at home and at work. Richard Denny believes that everybody has the potential within them for achieving success, wealth and happiness. The power of his message resonates with people from all walks of life, and Succeed for Yourself gives you the opportunity to put his ideas into practice.
    130,00 MAD
  • Hydrometallurgy

    Fathi Habashi
    Hydrometallurgy, which involves the use of aqueous solutions for the recovery of metals from ores, concentrates, and recycled or residual material, plays an integral role in the multi-billion dollar minerals processing industry. There are numerous hydrometallurgical process technologies used for recovering metals, such as: agglomeration; leaching; solvent extraction/ion exchange; metal recovery; and remediation of tailings/waste.
    950,00 MAD

Articles 25 à 47 sur un total de 47

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